What is the Rapture?

The rapture is a mysterious and confounding event that will supposedly take place at the end of time. It involves resurrected believers along with those christians who are alive meeting God in heaven. John 14:3 says that God is preparing a place for us in heaven so is it possible to be a part of this significant event? Discover the truth about the rapture as you learn what the bible says about believers in the end of time. 

Articles on the rapture

Didn’t Jesus Go to Prepare a place for us in Heaven?

The interpretation provided examines the passage from John 14:1–3 and challenges the assumption that it implies an immediate inheritance of heavenly homes upon death. It...

Didn’t Paul say he Prefer to Depart to be with the Lord?

The interpretation provided examines the passage from Philippians 1:21–23 in its context and challenges the idea that it implies an immediate, spiritual existence after death. Understanding the context is crucial in interpreting biblical texts. The...

Media about The Rapture

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