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Evangelism Training Videos

Evangelism isn’t just for pastors and church leaders, anyone one of us can spread the Good News! Would you like to learn how to win souls for Gods kingdom? Watch from our free presentations below outlining how and why to share the Gospel.

1. 'A Divine Commission' - Purpose

When Jesus departed from his disciples he left them with a Divine Commission to go into all the world. In this first video learn how to get started in sharing the Gospel as well as your own personal testimony.

2. 'Our Greatest Need' - Staying Grounded

When sharing the Gospel with others it is important to be grounded in the word of God. In this video Doug Batchelor will touch on 4 key points that will be important for you to remember.

3. 'The Cycle of Evangelism' - Sustaining connection

Watch this video to learn about the cycle of evangelism that Jesus used when telling people about the kingdom of God.

4. 'Christs Method Alone' - Desiring Good

Evangelism isn’t merely about sharing your beliefs with others. Its more!  According to the example of Christ evangelism is about meeting the needs of the people around you. Watch this video to learn how to recognise the needs of others.

5. 'Friendship Evangelism' - Letting your light shine

Is doing Evangelism something you schedule in your calendar? Or does Evangelism refer to something that is lived out in everyday life? 

6. 'Giving Bible Studies' - Sharing your story

In this video you will learn how to give bible studies and personalise them by sharing your testimony!

7. 'Gaining Decisions' - How to win people to Christ

While the job of conversion is done by the Holy Spirit the bible says that we must be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks us  and that we must share the Gospel with gentleness and respect. In this video you will learn some strategies that you can implement in your mission.

8. 'Answering Objections' - Knowing your Bible

As you present the word of God you will undoubtedly come across questions and objections. In this video you will learn the science behind how to discuss and answer objections that you may receive in bible study.

9. 'Nurturing New Believers - Staying Consistent

It can be easy to think that the work of evangelism is over once a person is converted and gives their life to God. However just like a plant must be watered so to must new believers be nurtured. Watch this video to learn more.

10. 'Reclaiming Missing Members' - Returning Home

It’s one thing to be evangelising to people who have never heard the truth but how do you witness to believers who have left the faith? Watch this video to learn more.

11. 'The Gospel Presentation' - Learning to share the Good News

If you found out something exciting information would keeping it a secret be your first thought? The Gospel means ‘Good News’ and it is the duty of every christian to share the Gospel. Learn just how we can share the Gospel in our everyday lives.

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