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Bill May

A Love that Transforms

Love has the power to transform everything! Consider the story of a young woman studying English literature at a university. She was struggling to stay engaged with a large, seemingly dull book for her course. But then, something magical happened. She crossed paths with a charming young professor on campus, and they quickly fell deeply in love. It was a beautiful, whirlwind romance. To her surprise, she later discovered that the author of the book she had struggled with was none other than her beloved professor. That evening, she stayed up late and devoured the entire book, proclaiming, “This is the most incredible book I’ve ever read!” What caused this remarkable change in her perspective? Love. In a similar way, many people today find the Bible uninteresting, unattractive, or even oppressive. But all of that can change when you fall in love with its divine author. This Study Guide will show you how that transformation can happen and the wonders it can bring to your life.
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