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Bill May

No Turning Back

Imagine a skydiver standing at the open door of an aircraft, ready to leap into the sky. Once she steps out, there’s no turning back. If, by some unfortunate circumstance, she forgot to put on her parachute, there would be no way to save her, and she would plummet to a terrifying death. It’s a tragic scenario, to say the least. However, there is something even more dreadful that can happen to a person. It’s reaching a point in your relationship with God where there’s no turning back, and it’s far worse than any physical danger. Shockingly, millions of people are getting dangerously close to this point without even realizing it. Could you be one of them? What is this terrible sin that seems unforgivable, and why does it appear that God can’t forgive it? If you’re seeking a clear, insightful answer to these questions, one that offers hope amid the gravity of the subject, spend a few moments with this thought-provoking Study Guide.
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