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Bill May

Right on Time! Prophetic Appointments Revealed

Hold on tight! Get ready to delve into the most extensive time prophecy in the Bible—one that accurately foretold the first coming of Jesus and the timing of His crucifixion. In our previous Study Guide (Study Guide 16), we discovered that God has a message of immense significance that the world needs to grasp before the return of Christ. The initial part of this message calls upon people to worship God and give Him the glory, emphasising that the time for His judgment has arrived (Revelation 14:7). In the books of Daniel chapters 8 and 9, God unveiled the precise date when His final judgment would commence, along with compelling prophetic evidence that Jesus is indeed the Messiah. Therefore, there’s no prophecy in the Bible more critical. Yet, regrettably, very few are aware of it, and many who do misunderstand it. Before we dive into this Study Guide, we encourage you to read Daniel 8 and 9. Let’s embark on this thrilling journey together, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we endeavour to comprehend this remarkable prophecy.
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