3 Reasons Why God Said Remember

Were you aware that in the holy scriptures, the first mention of the seventh day and the establishment of the Sabbath is found in Genesis 2:1–3? At that point, God rested, blessed, and sanctified the seventh day. This momentous event happened before the Jewish people made their appearance at Mount Sinai.

Let’s unpack these three aspects:

  1. God rested: Being omnipotent and never needing to rest, God didn’t rest because He was weary. Instead, He set a precedent for Adam and Eve, the freshly created pair, demonstrating the importance of rest. By honouring the seventh-day Sabbath, we mirror the Creator’s pattern of rest and exemplify His divine character.
  2. God blessed: Throughout the week of creation, God voiced His pleasure with His work. However, on the seventh day, He conferred a unique blessing upon it. Like an artist signing their masterpiece to denote its completion, God branded His creation with the Sabbath. By recognising the seventh day as sacred, we align ourselves with God’s design and acknowledge Him as our Creator and God.
  3. God sanctified: God sanctified the seventh day, marking it as holy. In its original condition, the Sabbath served as a time for Adam and Eve to deepen their connection with God. Following humanity’s downfall, the sanctity of the Sabbath became even more vital. It’s a time specifically earmarked by God for our sanctification and spiritual development. As humans, we have no power to modify or change this holy time instituted by God.

By spreading the truth about God, the Creator and His gift of the Sabbath to our mates and family, we invite them to enjoy the rest and blessings that come from observing this sacred day. To learn more and access useful resources, you can click here.


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