Antichrist Myths – Barcodes

In 1971, George Laurer was tasked with designing a barcode system to enhance efficiency in the grocery industry. The result was the UPC barcode, which was introduced in 1973 and is now widely used in approximately 90 countries. This system revolutionized inventory management and made shopping faster and more secure with fewer errors. However, some people started to associate the black lines in the barcode with something sinister.

A rumor began to circulate that the left, middle, and right lines in the barcode represented the numbers 6, 6, and 6, leading to associations with the biblical “mark of the beast.” However, George Laurer, the designer of the barcode, has clarified that there is no connection to such beliefs. The barcode functions by representing numbers as a series of seven vertical lines, and the additional bars serve as indicators for the computer, indicating where to start and stop reading the numbers.

Laurer emphasized that the resemblance between the three guard bars and the number 6 is merely a coincidence. The barcode system does not actually encode the number 6. From a computer’s perspective, the number “666” is not present in the UPC barcode. Human perception, however, can sometimes lead to seeing patterns that may not truly exist.

To understand the true meaning of the “mark of the beast” and the associated number, it is important to refer to the Bible for guidance. This website aims to help individuals delve into biblical teachings to gain a deeper understanding of these concepts.


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