Antichrist Myths – “The Beast” Supercomputer

In the early 1970s, computers were still a source of fascination and were often portrayed in dystopian science fiction. During that time, a rumor emerged that a sophisticated computer in Brussels, Belgium, known as “The Beast,” was considered to be the beast power mentioned in biblical prophecy.

According to the rumor, this computer, supposedly created by the European Common Market, was believed to be self-programming and capable of tracking the buying and selling activities of every person on Earth. It was also said that the system would rely on invisible tattoos on the forehead or hand of each individual for identification, with the tattoo consisting of a unique number made up of three sets of six digits, or 666.

However, it is important to note that this concept was entirely fictional. It originated from the imagination of Joe Musser, an author who wrote a novel called “Beyond a Pale Horse” and a screenplay called “The Rapture.” While Musser may be a popular and imaginative author, his predictions about 666 should not be taken seriously.

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