Death and Dying

In life, we can be certain of two things: death and taxes. Death is an inevitable part of the human experience, something that we all will face.

For some individuals, the timing of their death is known in advance. Terminal illnesses, when diagnosed ahead of time, allow individuals to prepare themselves, make necessary arrangements, reconcile relationships, and say goodbye to loved ones. In such cases, there is an opportunity for gradual adjustment and finding peace with death, to the extent possible. However, not everyone has this luxury. Many deaths occur suddenly, without any warning.

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. All we have is today.

When confronted with the reality of their mortality, many people turn to religion to seek answers about death and the afterlife. It’s interesting to note that various religious beliefs often glamorize death, offering promises of rewards in the afterlife, such as a deeper understanding of God and the universe, or even supernatural abilities that were inaccessible during mortal life. Death can sometimes appear more enticing than life itself.

However, the true nature of death should be seen as something to be avoided at all costs. Death is, in fact, the greatest tragedy to come to any living being.

Life is an extraordinary and irreplaceable gift. Once it is gone, it cannot be replaced. The reality of death highlights the finality of the grave, but it also reveals the wonderful beauty of the life we currently possess. We invite you to dive deeper into this topic and hope that it cultivates a greater appreciation for the preciousness of your own life.

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