Good News About Hell

Years ago, in a lumber camp, there was a man feared by everyone. It was said that he had killed several people. One day, he asked a co-worker if it was true that nobody was burning in hell, as some were saying.

“That’s what the Bible says,” his co-worker replied.

The burly woodsman, with a hint of hope in his voice, asked to see where it said that in the Bible. He listened intently as his colleague showed him passages proving that God doesn’t torture anyone in hell and won’t let anyone burn forever in the lake of fire.

As they studied the Bible together, the man, who others thought had a heart of stone, began to weep. “My son died 20 years ago in a bar fight,” he confessed. “I was told he went straight to hell, where God was torturing him forever. Since then, I’ve been angry with God.”

That day, his heart softened, and his life changed completely as he learned the truth about what the Bible says regarding the fate of the wicked.


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