How Should I Honour it?

The Sabbath commandment tells us to remember and keep the Sabbath day holy. But how do we do that? It doesn’t have to be complicated. We need to approach the Sabbath with a simple and open heart, seeking guidance from God’s Word.

The Pharisees in Jesus’ time made Sabbath observance complex with many rules and regulations. We shouldn’t get caught up in cultural traditions but focus on what God wants from us.

When studying the Sabbath, remember two important principles: seek God’s will with a sincere heart and let your actions come from your faith in Jesus. It’s about submitting to God’s authority and having the right attitude.

The Bible doesn’t give specific instructions on how to keep the Sabbath, but it does say not to work on that day. The Sabbath is a time to rest from our regular activities and show trust in God’s provision. It’s not just physical rest but also resting from material or secular pursuits and finding contentment in God’s blessings.

Some people find it helpful to prepare for the Sabbath by doing chores and shopping on Friday so they can fully rest on the Sabbath. But it’s important not to let preparations become burdensome. Resting throughout the week and having a mindset of Sabbath rest can make the day more meaningful.

Gathering with other believers for worship and fellowship is also important on the Sabbath. Just as Jesus and the apostles went to the synagogue, we can come together to worship God, study His Word, and encourage one another.

Remember, Sabbath observance may vary among people. It’s about having a personal relationship with God and not blindly following cultural traditions. Treat others with love and respect, even if they have different Sabbath practices.

In short, keeping the Sabbath holy is about simplicity, seeking God’s guidance, and having a personal relationship with Him. Rest, trust in God’s provision, gather with other believers, and show love to others.


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