It’s Impossible to Keep the Sabbath on a Round Earth

Jesus did say, “The Sabbath was made for man” (Mark 2:27), emphasizing the universal nature of the Sabbath as a gift from God to humanity. The Sabbath was not created exclusively for a particular group or geographical location but for the benefit and blessing of all people.

The concept of a seven-day week is observed worldwide, and each culture designates a specific day as its seventh day. The Sabbath is meant to be observed according to the local reckoning of time, which is typically based on the rotation of the Earth and the position of the sun. Therefore, when the sun sets on Friday evening, it marks the beginning of the Sabbath for those who observe it.

By recognizing the seventh day of the week as the Sabbath, we align ourselves with God’s intended rhythm of work and rest, as demonstrated in the creation account. The Sabbath provides an opportunity for physical rest, spiritual renewal, worship, and fellowship. It is a time to set aside the concerns of daily labour and focus on our relationship with God and our fellow human beings.

Observing the Sabbath is not only a commandment but also a gift from God that offers a pattern of rest, reflection, and worship. It is a time to prioritize our spiritual well-being and nurture our connection with God. By embracing the Sabbath, we can experience the blessings and benefits that come from aligning our lives with God’s intended design for rest and worship.


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