Wasn’t the Sabbath a Reminder Freedom from Egypt?

The question about Sabbath keeping arises from the Old Testament text in Deuteronomy 5:14-15, which emphasizes the importance of rest and justice for everyone, including servants and strangers. The reference to the Israelites’ experience as slaves in Egypt serves as a reminder to treat others justly and provide them with Sabbath rest.

While the Exodus from Egypt is mentioned as an incentive to obey other commandments as well, the Sabbath commandment is not limited to memorializing the Israelites’ deliverance. It has a broader significance. The Sabbath is also a memorial of creation, as seen in the Genesis account and the wording of the fourth commandment (Exodus 20:11). It is a reminder of God’s work of creation and applies to all people as a result of that creation.

Therefore, the Sabbath is more than just a memorial of physical and spiritual redemption from Egypt. It is a reminder of God’s creative power and a time for rest, reflection, and honouring Him as the Creator.


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