When and How will we Die?

If you were to search the Internet for “when and how will I die?” you would come across thousands of websites claiming to provide such information. The fact that there are so many supposed ways to learn about one’s own death begs the question: why are people so intensely interested in knowing the details of death?

Let us pause and consider how would our lives change if we possessed this knowledge?

If we reflect on our reasons for seeking advance knowledge of our own death. Is it solely driven by the fear of death and dying. And if that’s the case, would we spend our remaining time in perpetual fear, constantly counting down the days and minutes until the fateful moment arrives!

Perhaps our motive is rooted in selfishness. With knowledge of our expiration date, would we indulge in every fantasy, regardless of the consequences to ourselves or others?

If we knew the circumstances of our death, would we attempt to avoid them? If our predicted cause of death was heart disease, would we quit smoking, adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, and do everything in our power to avoid the predicted outcome and defy the prophecy?

We can have different motives or ideas for desiring knowledge of our own death. The uncertainty surrounding death and dying can lead people to think and behave in odd ways. Sometimes, this uncertainty robs individuals of their ability to truly enjoy life.

Our hope is that the truth about death will alleviate your fears and burdens regarding this subject, so you can embrace and savour your life to the fullest while you still have it.

…Continue on this journey of discovering the truth about death, and may it bring you peace and a renewed zest for life.


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