Why don’t more People keep the Sabbath if its so Important?

Throughout history, there have always been faithful individuals who observed the Sabbath, even in the face of opposition and persecution. The charge that the Sabbath is a new doctrine has been made against Jesus, the apostles, and the Reformers, but they all maintained that they were not preaching new or strange doctrines, but rather proclaiming truths that were in line with the teachings of the prophets and the Scriptures.

The Sabbath is not a recent invention. It dates back to the very beginning of creation, as seen in the book of Genesis. God set apart the seventh day as a day of rest and blessing, and this pattern was followed by faithful individuals throughout history. While the Sabbath truth may have been suppressed or obscured at times, there have always been those who kept it faithfully, often at great personal cost.

The objection that thought leaders or influential individuals do not believe in the Sabbath does not disqualify its truth or significance. In fact, throughout history, it has often been the common people, the marginalized, and the faithful few who have embraced and kept the Sabbath. Jesus Himself had a following among ordinary people, and His disciples were not from the ranks of the elite or influential.

The Scriptures themselves affirm that God often chooses the weak and lowly in the world’s eyes to confound the wise and mighty. The early believers were not necessarily wise, mighty, or noble in the world’s standards, yet they were called and chosen by God. The Reformation also saw a similar pattern, with church leaders and authorities opposing the reformers, while many ordinary people accepted the truths they preached.

The belief in the Sabbath does not depend on the acceptance or influence of thought leaders. The seventh day remains the Sabbath of the Lord, regardless of who believes or disbelieves it. Human opinions and reasoning cannot alter God’s commandments. The truth of the Sabbath rests on its biblical foundation and the consistent witness of faithful individuals throughout history who have recognized its importance and observed it as a day of rest and worship.


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