Without the Seventh Day

Scott Hubbard, a lay pastor and editor at Desiring God, wrote a blog post titled “A Rest for Any Restlessness,” in which he explores the concept of rest and its fulfillment in Jesus Christ. While Hubbard acknowledges the seventh-day Sabbath as an initial institution, he contends that it was separated from humanity at Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden. He suggests that the Sabbath commandment is a reminder of Eden’s lost world and a whisper of what might be again, rather than the literal seventh-day Sabbath.

Hubbard argues that Jesus is the true fulfillment of the Sabbath and that the seventh-day Sabbath was a pointer, a prophecy, and a partial melody that spoke of a greater rest in Christ. He likens the Sabbath to other ceremonial laws that were fulfilled in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. However, the biblical distinction between the moral law, including the Ten Commandments, and the ceremonial law challenges this interpretation.

Additionally, Hubbard’s claim that the Sabbath was confined to Eden is disputed. The separation of Adam and Eve from the tree of life was not only tied to the Sabbath but rather to eternal life. The Sabbath, on the other hand, was established as a gift for humanity wherever they may be in the world.

Moreover, Hubbard’s emphasis on finding rest in Jesus should not preclude the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath. The Bible consistently presents the Sabbath as a day given by God for His people to observe and keeping it holy is a means to know and honour Him. Scripture indicates that those who keep God’s commandments, including the Sabbath, are blessed and have the right to the tree of life.

In conclusion, while Hubbard explores the concept of rest and its fulfillment in Jesus, his interpretation of the seventh-day Sabbath may not align with the biblical understanding of its perpetuity and significance. Those seeking rest in Jesus should consider the biblical invitation to honour the seventh-day Sabbath as part of their response to His desires.

Article contributed by Clifford Goldstein.


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