“Abram said, ‘Lord God, what will You give me, seeing I go childless, and the heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus?’” (Genesis 15:2).

How many workdays each year do you miss because of sickness? Can you imagine showing up for work for ten years or even twenty- five years without skipping one day? Joe Taylor, a Chicago native and employee of Peer Bearing, has never called in sick or missed a single workday for fifty years!

Mr. Taylor began his job back in 1959, when the company had only five employees. Since then, it has grown to more than 1,300 workers. In 2009, Joe was honoured as the longest-tenured employee. He has taken vacation time but has never taken time off that wasn’t excused.

One of the most faithful, lifelong servants in the Bible was Eliezer, who belonged to the household of Abraham. When the future “father of many nations” had not successfully fathered a child, Abraham told the Lord that surely Eliezer would be the promised heir. That’s how much he believed in his servant. But that wasn’t God’s plan.

Years later, after the birth of Isaac, Abraham wanted his grown son to secure a bride from among his people, not from the local Canaanites. So, he chose Eliezer to accomplish the important task. “Abraham said to the oldest servant of his house, who ruled over all that he had” to swear to get a wife for Isaac back from among his family (Genesis 24:2).

Eliezer was a man full of wisdom and experience. He had served his master for many years and had demonstrated his devotion to God as a responsible man of integrity. He didn’t make excuses. After promising under oath to find a bride for his master’s son, he earnestly and prayerfully did his job. God blessed Eliezer’s work.

The Lord values trustworthy servants. When Jesus returns, will He honour you as a “good and faithful servant”? (Matthew 25:21).

Lord, may I serve You faithfully, every single day until You come.

For Further Study: Gen. 24:1–9; 1 Samuel 3:10; Matthew 24:45–51

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