Pinnacle FAQs

What is The Pinnacle of Prophecy?
The Pinnacle of Prophecy: Unlocking Revelation’s Mysteries is an epic Bible adventure series presented by Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts International. You’ll explore the pages of God’s Word to get clear, trustworthy, logical answers to your most pressing questions about the book of Revelation, prophecy, and the last days. You’ll not only receive a life-changing look at what the future will bring next, but you’ll also gain the practical tools you need to thrive in these challenging times!

Who is Doug Batchelor?
The Pinnacle of Prophecy is presented by Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts International. He hosts the weekly television program Sabbath School Study Hour and the Bible Answers Live radio program, which broadcasts every Sunday at 7:00 PM Pacific, and airs live through Amazing Facts International Facebook and YouTube channels. He can also be seen weekly on the Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor television program which airs on 9Gem at 6:30 am Sunday morning in Australia, and also on a variety of other platforms such as 9Now, Youtube, First Light, 3ABN and Hope Channel.

Where can I watch the live broadcast online?
The Pinnacle of Prophecy will be broadcast live at 7:00 PM AEDT (Australia Daylight Savings time) on this website. You can also watch live on AMAZING FACTS OCEANIA YouTube channel and via Facebook. Our YouTube and Facebook feed will be interactive, so you’ll be able to ask your Bible questions live and get a response.

How can I contact you for more information?
Contact us at this link:

What happens if I can’t watch it at the time it airs?

All of the programs will be recorded and available to view later via the Pinnacle Of Prophecy main page.

Why teach Bible prophecy?
Through the study of real, historic events predicted long before they ever happened, you will learn why the Bible is trustworthy and offers reliable answers to life’s most difficult questions.

Is this series for me?
Each presentation in the gripping Pinnacle of Prophecy series is designed to help people from all backgrounds clearly understand the major prophecies found in Scripture. Many prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation have long been believed to be sealed mysteries. But within the Bible itself, God has provided the keys to unlock these secrets.

Can I Host a Pinnacle of Prophecy Event at My Church, Home, or Business?
Absolutely! You can play a key role in this milestone event by turning your church, home, or office into one of our satellite locations. Visit this link to learn more.

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