Pinnacle of Prophecy Free Offers

Episode 1

Cosmic Conflict

The Truth About Angels

Bible Study Lesson 1

Episode 2


The Everlasting Gospel

Bible Study Lesson 2

Episode 3

The Day of the Lord

The Coming of the King

Bible Study Lesson 3

Episode 3

Does God's grace Blot Out The Law?

The Laws of Life

Bible Study Lesson 4

Episode 5

The Rest Of Your Life

Worshiping the Creator

Bible Study Lesson 5

Episode 6

A Divine Design

The Temple of God

Bible Study Lesson 6

Episode 7

The Final Judgement

The Hour of His Judgement

Bible Study Lesson 7

Episode 8

Baptism: Is it Really Necessary?

Every Nation and Tongue

Bible Study Lesson 8

Episode 9

The Afterlife Mystery

Blessed are the Dead

Bible Study Lesson 9

Episode 10

The Bible Truth about Hell

The Flames of Justice

Bible Study Lesson 10

Episode 11

Amazing Heath Facts

Glorifying God In Our Bodies

Bible Study Lesson 11

Episode 12

Who is the Antichrist?

The Beast of Blasphemy

Bible Study Lesson 12

Episode 13

Earths Final Warning

The Mystery of Babylon

Bible Study Lesson 13

Episode 14

America in Bible Prophecy

Satan's Mark or God's Seal?

Bible Study Lesson 14


Whether you need to advertise your local Pinnacle of Prophecy viewing party or you’d simply like free supplemental study materials, we’ve got you covered!

Spread the Word!
To help you get the word out in your area about this amazing event, we’ve created these easy-to-use resources that can be easily downloaded, printed, and put into action throughout your community!

Bible Lessons
Revelation 14: The Pinnacle of Prophecy lesson guides will be available near the start of the series which will be making them available as a free download (black-and-white version) on this website. The downloads will become available shortly before the series begins.

Marketing Resources for Your Local Event
The artwork for our posters, bulletins, and more is provided for those hosting an event at a church, home, or business. Download the artwork on this page and print at your local printer.

Use these attractive, professionally designed handbills/fliers to spread the word in your community. They can be used as part of a mailer, delivered door to door, or passed out by hand. The possibilities are endless!

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