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Pinnacle of Prophecy will premiere in an Australian friendly time-zone over two weeks:

Begins Sunday, October 29, 7 pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time) through Nov 13 at 7 pm AEDT (Sydney & Melbourne), 6pm Brisbane, 6:30 pm Adelaide, 4:00 pm Perth (adjust for your time zone).

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October 29 | Good and Evil Angels

October 30 | Everlasting Gospel

October 31 | The Coming King

November 2 | The Law or Grace

November 3 | Worshiping the Creator

November 4 | The Temple of God

November 5 | The Hour of His Judgement

November 6 | To Every Nation and Tongue

November 8 | Blessed are the Dead

November 9 | The Flames of Justice

November 10 | Glorify God in Our Bodies

November 11 | The Beast of Blasphemy

November 12 | The Mystery of Babylon

November 13 | The Mark of The Beast

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